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Children’s Programs (All Ages) at 10:00AM

Live Streaming begins at 9:55 AM both here on our home page as well as on our YouTube channel.

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What is the Faith Like at FCC

Franklin Community Church is United Methodist by affiliation and ecumenical in spirit. As a church within the United Methodist denomination there is a dual emphasis concerning faith. There is attention given to one’s relationship to God as well as one’s relationship with others. One striking feature of the United Methodist Church is the openness to diverse understandings of scripture. Thus within the United Methodist tent one will find conservatives, liberals and those in between.

Franklin Community Church’s ecumenical spirit displays this openness by respecting differences in theological beliefs and faith practices. One will not be told what one has to believe. Using scripture, tradition, reason and experience as our guidelines, we work to figure out what to believe and how to live our lives.